Global Voices

Pick one story that calls out to you from Global Voices.

The reason to why i chose this box is because I think this is a good opportunity to voice out my opinion towards issues across the world. I hardly have the platform to do so, and I definitely want to voice out my thoughts on the quite recent Yulin Dog Festival.

Local Chinese Officials Promise They Won’t Let the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Happen This Year

This article reported that the Guangxi government has put a halt to the notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which was scheduled this year for June 21 and 22 due to immense public pressure. Animal activists from around the world have been calling for an end to the festival for years. 24 of them handed a petition signed by 11 million people from around the world over to the Beijing office of the Yulin city government. It listed the negative effects of the Yulin dog meat festivals and it is time for the Chinese Government to take firm action to end this event for good.

Festival opponents say the majority of the dogs consumed during the festival are stolen. The Yulin dog meat festival shows the cruelty of the black market and 90% of the dogs slaughtered are being stolen from households. 

The reason why this story calls out to me because I am a dog lover, seeing these dogs being treated this way make my heart breaks. I feel strongly disagree towards the Yulin dog meat festival and I think it is a cruel and cold-blooded action to slaughter dogs for human consumptions. I think those people who should be responsible for these actions need to be punished and seriously reflect at what they’ve done. Those dogs are innocent and they have no reasons to be treated this way.

I am still confused as to the constant delays from the government to take actions to stop this dog slaughtering event. It is so unbelievable that it has been 26 years since the start of the dog festival and it was even supported by the government. I cannot understand and i do not tolerate these actions because it is nerve-wicking and they do not care/feel for those animals. I really hope that the government can control the number of dogs being slaughtered and take actions into this serious issue. On top of this, I think that black markets should be closely monitored by the government/police department to stop the trading and buying of dogs. In addition, I hope that the Duo Duo animal project will influence and encourage more people to support their actions too. On my part, I will continue to love dogs and hopefully to participate in voluntarily campaigns for dogs and other animals in the future.



I realised that we should be more aware of what is happening around us through different platforms. It is important for us to keep up with what’s going on in our world and in fact we might come together and discuss about it. By doing so, we will increase our interaction with one another as well as to be more concerned about our world.


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