$5 Challenge

Can you survive just $5 a day?

The reason why i chose this box is because I wanted to experience to survive with just $5 a day. I always have doubts for people claiming that they used only $5 a day, so I think that it’s time for me to try it out. On top of this, I thought it would be a really fun activity to challenge myself.

Called the $5 Challenge, this is part of an initiative – called Singaporeans Against Poverty – by Caritas Singapore, the social-service arm of the Catholic Church, and other partners, including charity Catholic Welfare Services.

It aims to get people to develop empathy for the less fortunate by spending less.



I woke up at around 12pm so I skipped breakfast, I began my day wih a packet of chicken rice which cost $2 and I added long beans for 80 cents. FYI the chicken was so disgusting, it was mostly bones and little meat. Basically I felt like I’m just eating vegetables with rice.

Lunch: $2.80


I was still hungry after my lunch so I went to buy a slice of pear which cost like a bomb of $1.20!!!

SOOOO in total: $4


Since I only have $1 budget for my dinner, I decided to just take whatever is available in my kitchen and make some free dinner for myself.


I made nutella french toast with banana slices, it might not look appealing BUT it taste good (I guess). I made a few more than this but I ate most of them.

Dinner: $0

This summed up my $5 challenge day and it was a torture for me. I wasn’t able to eat a complete meal and I had to give up my constant cravings for other food. However through this experience, I realised that it is very hard to even live with only $5 a day, I wonder how those people manage to squeeze everything together.

In my opinion, I think it is indeed a challenge with much difficulties as Singapore’s economy has grown tremendously over the years. Now we need to spend and afford more money on certain things compared to the past. On top of this, I agree that teenagers (more like myself) are overspending on unnecessary things such as clothes and beauty products. The $5 challenge made me say ‘NO’ to sales, ‘NO’ to restaurants and ‘NO’ to movie dates. I have to admit that I’m crazy about shopping and buying clothes, I had to control myself during that day when the Great Singapore Sales are going strong.

I think that there is no doubt a REAL challenge for many singaporeans as we are used to the type of carefree lifestyle. We have low awareness of the poor and we show little appreciation towards what we have.

I have also look into other people’s $5 challenge and it had been a tough time for them too. For example I visited a blog by melody http://www.eggymissmelody.com/2015/01/24/the-5-dollar-challenge/ , even though she manage to spend only $5 a day, she admitted that it was tough and it is hard to get used to that type of lifestyle. This men as well https://rubbisheatrubbishgrow.com/2015/01/11/5dollars-challenge/, he couldn’t keep it with $5 a day even if he tries very hard.


Through this $5 challenge, I have learnt that it is really hard to spend only $5 a day. Now I am really proud for those people who spend like this everyday. Despite having different financial backgrounds, there is definitely a need to respect each and every individual in this society to live in harmony.

Now I might have a second thought when spending my money on more clothes and not-money-worth-it food.



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