What/Where to eat???

Planning lunch for a diverse group of friends and visitors. They have preferences for sustainable seafood, Halal food, eco-friendly organic food, and/or a social enterprise eatery.

The reason why I chose this box is because I love food and this would definitely be one of the boxes that I will work on. On a side note, I can use this as an opportunity to search for more food places to explore in the future with my friends.

  1. Tang Tea House (355 Bedok Road 6445 9100)


They provide delicious Halal Cze Char and Dim Sum and traditional Chinese Cuisine. Tang Tea House is famed for the freshness and authenticity of its halal dim sum ranging from chicken pau, har kow, siew mai and steamed chicken dumplings.


I personally think that the Tang Tea House will be a wise choice to bring them for lunch because this places provides a wide range of halal dim sums which is hardly found in Singapore. In addition, this restaurant provides a variety of seafood dishes such as, hong kong-style steam seabass, salted egg prawn, chili crab and many more. It is a preferred place for late night supper as well as a good gathering place for friends and family. It is operated from 12pm to 12am midnight.



2. 18 Chefs


After several years in prison and rehab for heroin addiction, Benny Se Teo decided to forge his own future. Now, the Singaporean is the successful owner of a chain of restaurants called Eighteen Chefs.

Eighteen Chefs is a restaurant chain and franchise company in Singapore based on the principle of social enterprise. The restaurants serve both Western and local foods. The signature dish of Eighteen Chefs is the “Heart Attack Fried Rice”. In addition, the menu has a “Be Your Own Chef” section that allows customization of cheese baked rice or pasta, with a mix and match of up to 12 ingredients and 8 sauces. 


Based on my personal experience, I think that 18 chefs is indeed a place where a diverse group of people can enjoy dining in. You can always get to choose your favourite topping, sauces and they even provide a choice of cheese-baked pasta/rice. They even offer a student meal at $6.40 at any day any time. There is also a privilege of $2 off for NS men as well. AND my favourite is the salted-egg yolk snack platter, i can always enjoy it with my friends and it’s mouth-watering. There are many more fusion dishes which I think that all ethnic groups will enjoy.




3. Onaka Cafe & Juice Bar @ Rochester Park

ONAKA is also short for Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts.

Their concept is basically, organic food, which may not sound as appealing as fried chicken and fries, but once in a while, these green and healthy food can be refreshing. Onaka looks like some high end private housing, surrounded by trees and grass patches. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Singapore.


They provide a wide range of organic juices with interesting names to each of them. They have specific juices for one’s needs, for example juices to detox. I believe that may will be interested to try out juices which its colors are so flamboyant and vibrant, it satisfies your sight on top of your taste. They also include a wide range of starters, main-courses , noodles and even desserts. Some of the dishes are omega 3 salmon rice, carrot cake and watermelon sashimi. This restaurant is dedicated to using only all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings, MSG, and trans-fats. The restaurant serves No pork and lard.

omega 3 salmon rice

tofu stewers

Avo-choco emotion (avocado and chocolate mousses layers)

In my opinion I would think that this is a unique dining place where we actually feel healthier after eating. It definitely promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages eco-friendly. I honestly think that Singapore has only a few organic restaurants and it will be a wise choice to try eating at this Onaka Cafe. They provide a variety of western and asian fusion cuisine.






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