What? We Kinda Cause the Haze?

The reason to why I chose this box is because haze is constantly an issue to Singapore these days and it affected us in many ways. I believe that through this research on the recent haze issue, I will have a better understanding of what are the reasons that cause haze and the solutions to it.

Let’s learn more about HAZE….


The haze is composed of smoke particles from huge peat and vegetation fires that occur mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia and is carried by the wind over hundreds of kilometers. It occurs almost every year in the Southeast Asia. Every year at this period of time, we will always witness Singaporeans wearing masks when they are outdoors. We are often encourage to stay indoors and keep our house ventilated. Haze also causes many health problems especially to the young and older. There are more serious effects such as carbon emission, large-scale fire and decline in the country’s economy.

We, the consumers are responsible for the haze too

The uncontrolled expansion of palm oil and paper production is one of the root causes of deforestation, large-scale fire and more.Palm oil and paper produced in such a way is called “unsustainable” because it causes long-term harm to the environment and people. Palm oil is the most widely used edible oil globally, and is found in half the products in the supermarket, from chocolate to coffee creamer, soap to shampoo.We use and throw away paper every day, we generated 1.27 million tones of paper and cardboard waste. 


How and what we can do to become more responsible?


1.When buying wood-based products, look and ask for FSC certified or 100% recycled pulp and paper options. Products include tissue paper, stationery ,furniture, musical instruments.

2.Demand clear labeling of palm oil products so that we as consumers, can make an informed choice. Most of them hide behind names like vegetable oil, palmitate, sodium laureth sulfate(can also be from coconuts), glycereal stearate and stearic acid.

3.As consumers, we create the demand for palm oil and paper, but we also have the power to demand that the palm oil and paper we buy are haze-free. By ensuring that palm oil and paper is produced with zero burning, zero deforestation, zero peat drainage and zero land conflict, we can take a huge step towards zero haze.

4. We should be more aware of the current haze situation and understand that there are many negative effects when the haze is not stoping. We should play a part as a citizen and concern about our country.





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