Reflection (week6)

What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

Its hard to imagine Singapore without the presence of foreign domestic/construction workers when it’s common to see them around almost everywhere. Foreign workers played a vital role in building up Singapore’s infrastructure and they are responsible in constructing the high-rise buildings we live in. They are deployed in doing laborious that most Singaporeans are reluctant to take up.

We can say that most of our country’s construction workers come from a foreign country. They contributed since the old days and up till now. Even though they are in the blue-collar class, it is inevitable that they played an important role in the city.

If Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic/construction workers, we will experience labour shortage and a slow down in the city’s development and eventually affecting the economy. In my opinion, I think that most Singaporeans are unwilling to take up these jobs as they are used to the air-conditioned environment and not working under the hot sun. If no one is willing to take up these jobs, there will be no more new infrastructures and Singapore will not improve further. After a period of time, the buildings will start to be worn out and there are no one to repaint it. Eventually, more problems will be created due to the shortage of manpower and labour to contribute to the society.



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