Reflection (week 5)

What is a “good country” to me? Do i consider Singapore as a good country?

A good country provides social security, sustainable economy, a harmonious neighborhood, a clean and green environment etc. In my opinion, I do consider Singapore as a good country. Singapore is generally a place where it has low crime rates, there are rules and regulations that each individual must abide by. Economic wise, Singapore has a vibrant economy and has low unemployment rate.Throughout the years, Singapore has become more well-developed, there are more high-rise buildings and in-merging into a science and technology nation. In addition, Singapore strongly encourages citizens to live in harmony with one another regardless of their races and languages. I do believe Singapore is generally a good country.


What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

One thing I like about Singapore is that it is a shopping paradise, Singapore brought various oversea brands such as Berska (one of my favorite brands!!!!), H&M, Cotton On, Pandora and many others. I always go Vivo city or Orchard to shop for clothes during the holidays and I (almost) went back home with clothes every time. Besides clothing and accessories, Singapore also brought in one of the biggest furniture mall in Sweden, IKEA. I love going to IKEA because of the food and the $1 hotdog bread!

One thing I dislike about Singapore is the over-crowded population. Personally I disagree that the government accepting/ allowing more foreigners to enter Singapore. It is a fact that Singapore is a small island and we have limited land for Singaporeans ourselves. The transportation infrastructure is insufficient to cater to the rapid increase in population. This will lead to a big problem, which is the overcrowded trains and buses. Every morning i had to squeeze into the train no matter how close I am from the passengers, in order to make it on time for school.


How can I be a better person-and hence a better citizen? What am I blind about, and what should I see? How can I/we be truly happier?

In my opinion, I think that by contributing to the society such as- 1. Doing my part with the emphasis on social responsibility (practicing the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and to influence the people around me.)  2. Increases awareness of the importance of protecting our environment, our home.






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