Reflection (week4)

What are Singaporeans’ concern?

In my opinion, i think Singaporeans are afraid that the migrants will take away a share of what belongs to Singaporeans. For example, the vacancies of jobs and housings. As the number of migrants increases, Singaporeans will eventually feel threatened and panicky that their homeland is filled with foreigners. It is inevitable that Singaporeans will discriminate/outcast those people who doesn’t belong here.

What are our migrants’ concerns?

Moving to a foreign country can be quite a challenge for some of the migrants as they are feeling strange and lonely in a totally new environment. It is not easy to adapt into a new environment and surrounded by people from a different country. In addition, the migrants will not know if they have made the correct choice to leave their home and come to a new place.

Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

I would say it really depends on the person himself/herself. Both party have to learn to accept their differences and work things out together. They need to understand each other’s need and harmonize with one another.



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