Money management (HBL)

What I know about money management?

Money management aims to help one individual to save money, to set a budget for one’s spending and more. It set goals for one to control their expenses and it manages to save money every month. However I don’t think that money management works on every individuals, as it is still a person’s will to follow or not to follow the plan.

What I want to know about money management?

How do money management works in order to help individuals to save money?

What I have learnt about money management?

I have learnt that without proper money management, it will be very easy to have debts after spending so much unknowingly. Everyday’s work will become a waste if we do not plan ahead of the amount we should save each month. In addition, we should learn to differentiate what we really need and want we really want. We should learn to appreciate what we have instead of complaining and pleading to get a new phone/watch for example.

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