AEC reflection (week2)

Interview activity: Recently I asked my mother her opinions about parenting in Singapore in the past vis-à-vis present day.

In the past, parenting was rigid,strict and children will suffer beatings if children did not obey their parents. Parents have confined thinking and the children’s social circle is not exposed to the outside world across international boarders. Most parents also have reserved thinking, they are not open to speak freely. For example, it’s like a taboo to educate teenagers on sex education.

Comparatively, now parents have more flexible thinking and are more engaged in open discussions which enables children to speak up and express their views. Parents are more concerned about spending quality time with their children.

What type of parenting style did she adopt?How can i apply what i have learnt about parenting to Singapore’s changing society?

We can be more receptive to new ideas, more open-minded to the changing world as well as giving mutual respect to one another and we can live in harmony with different people.



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