AEC reflection (week1)

Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

Recently, i was chatting with my closest secondary school friend called chinmai about my polytechnic life. She is one of the few who stayed with me throughout thick and thin during my secondary, she is absolutely my best friend and we are really your best friend goals haha. After ranting to her all my problems, i asked her “how do you identify me and what kind of person you think i am?”.

Here is what she said “I admire the fact that you treasure those you love and you will protect them at any costs. I think you are very trustable like i will tell you everything and i like the fact that you try not to judge me. You can let loose and have fun and like the next moment you can focus on your work, you know how to balance. In addition you have good intentions when you do things, you’re a good person.”

I am delighted when she said all this and i felt appreciated and grateful to have such a friend like her. I didnt expect these actions will leave a impression on her, like she can remember after all these years.

Overall i think it is important to leave a good first impression on yourself and it is what you have done made you who you truly are. You shouldn’t change yourself for what others want you to be, you define yourself. #week1



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